Note to self: commit to this blog

Hi! My name is Christina (or Tina) Lai, and I am 20 years old now! As of 1st January, I turned 20 and I already had my epiphany about it. Great start. This is probably my 54385th blog that I’ve created so far, so I’m really hoping that I can commit to this one. I currently live in Suffolk/Wolverhampton, but born in Croydon. I’m also in a (soon-to-be) 7-year relationship with my boyfriend, Hayden, who I met here in Suffolk! I’ll probably talk about my relationship more in future posts but we have now been a long distance couple for around a year now, because of University.Β I started University in September 2016 and Hayden started University in 2015.Β I really didn’t realise how much work there was… but now semester one is over and semester two awaits!

I currently study Media BA Hons, it’s a kind of a short and sweet title but also a very boring title. I studied 2 years of college (even though I dropped out after the 1st year and picked it up again in my ‘third’ year). I thought I could get an apprenticeship after receiving my poor grades in my first year of college, which is why I dropped out. But it’s not easy finding an apprenticeship in London (because I’m picky). So, I came back to finish off my studies at sixth form and got the grades I needed-ish to study at the University of Wolverhampton. When I applied to study Media as a degree, it was formerly titled ‘Media and Communications Studies’, but then I received an email notifying me that they’ve discontinued the course and merged it into one. I can’t complain. I’m studying what I want essentially, I just presume people expect more out of me when I tell that my degree is literally ‘Media’.

I am going to try my best to commit to this blog as best as I can, even if it means I don’t get to have my daily naps (which take up a few hours of my day) just so I can input a few minutes of my day to blog.

That’s all for now. I will write again soon,




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