The good comes with the bad

Like many of us, we all remain hopeful that each year is a better year. But like the title of this post, the good does come with the bad, unfortunately. I had a really great start into the year, I really did. I celebrated new years eve with my favourite people, I celebrated my birthday with my favourite people and I haven’t had any worries so far. I’ve managed to motivate myself to start blogging again after a long break due to coursework and I’ve motivated myself to start working out again.

Now here is where I complain. To the long distant couples out there, who know how heartbreaking it is to say goodbye to your partner – I’m going to be doing that tomorrow. I always thought having a long distant relationship would be manageable. I mean I have that sense of security and trust, but I’m just terrible at saying goodbyes. It does not get easier after every goodbye. But I’m sure there will be one day, just one day, where I will get used to it and I won’t become a blubbering mess after.

Tomorrow morning, Hayden will be driving me back to Wolverhampton, he’ll drop me off and drive back to Bath. I am literally going back to Wolverhampton to hand in my assignment – as pathetic as that sounds. My course still hasn’t introduced online coursework submissions, so I have to travel 4 hours tomorrow just to hand in 2 assignments. Bloody great. Then I’ll be travelling back home and staying for another 2 weeks until I finally move back to Wolverhampton to start semester two.

No matter what life throws at me, I’m going to try and remain as positive as possible!

Speak again soon,




5 thoughts on “The good comes with the bad

  1. As someone with almost 3 years of ldr behind them, I would like to assure you that your “one good day” will come! Leaving will never be a great experience though


  2. We’ve always got an idea when we will see each other again and we are lucky enough that we get to see each other every other month, so it’s never too long! It did take a very very long time for it to become normal though! It is kind of a waiting game!


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