I’d rather be home right now

Some of my friends have mentioned how they can’t wait to go back to uni after the holidays so they can have their freedom again. I always thought I’d be a bit of both. Some days I’d rather be at uni than at home and vice versa.

I’m back at Wolverhampton for only two nights which isn’t a lot to complain about, but once you get back to uni, you realise how much you genuinely miss home (sometimes). I literally take the wifi at home for granted. The wifi in my student halls isΒ terrible. Plus I end up having another epiphany, that I have to start cooking and doing my laundry for myself again. (I do cook and do housework at home but I do a lot more at uni, obviously).

I also said goodbye to my boyfriend not long ago. We arrived in Wolverhampton around 3:30pm, we had takeout and he stayed until 6:45pm.Β I really thought I’d start crying as soon as left, but it didn’t happen! Funnily enough, I do enjoy a good cry from time-to-time, but I don’t enjoy sobbing over saying goodbye to someone, which of course no one does.

Being back in student halls makes me realise how lonely I am (because no one’s come back from my flat). But like I said, I’m only here for two nights and I’m back home again! I’m literally writing up this blog post because I’m procrastinating/avoiding finishing off my essays that are due in next week.

I have to promise to myself that this year, I will be better at organising my time and hopefully procrastinate less. Fingers crossed!

Speak again soon,




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