Everything will be okay

I can’t sleep.


This whole ‘new year’ thing makes people want to become a better person and to have that fresh start again! But for me, I don’t set resolutions for myself anymore. I’m just trying to become a bit more of a positive person.

I’m sure whenever we all have our bad days, we literally think it’s like the end of the world. But then we realise that other people around the world have it worse than us – well that’s how I think about it. I know that I’m allowed to complain because it’s normal but I tell myself now and again to stop being so pessimistic. I mean, no one wants to waste their time sobbing, when they could be happy instead. Obviously, it’s easier said than done but you can always improve yourself to become more optimistic.


In my previous post, I said I didn’t cry when I said goodbye and I was actually quite proud of myself for not crying. But after realising at 00:00am that I’ve got to wait a month to see Hayden again, it just got to me. I know that crying can be seen as a sign of weakness but I cry to let it all out – I hate bottling up my emotions. I told myself that everything is okay, or it’s going to be okay! It isn’t the end of the world; my sadness is only temporarily.

I just need to remind myself that no matter what kind of troubles I go through in life – in the end, I’ll always be okay.

Speak again soon,





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