My days been swell

I finally finished two 1,500 essay assignments that are due in next week! I’m proud of myself for finishing them but I’m not that confident about my essays. Not that I rushed it or anything, I guess I don’t sound ‘academic’ enough. I always wonder if my essays even appear academic because I don’t (know how to) use sophisticated words. I always have either the thesaurus or dictionary tab open on my browser whenever I write essays because I want to sound smarter.

I also need to start eating clean fairly soon. By soon, I mean in like a few weeks time. I’m not sure whether to feel guilty or not for having take away for two days straight. I might even have take away a third time this week because I work at one. Nonetheless, I’m going home tomorrow, so I can actually eat some proper dinner rather than eat chips all time.

I can’t wait to go back home where I won’t be so lonely. But I will be lonely because all my friends will be either at work or going back to uni and I’ll just wallow away in my bedroom or something.

Speak again soon,




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