Student struggles

The struggle of trying to get somewhere in life but life doesn’t want to be your friend right now. So, like most students who want to get some work experience to add to their CV – I’m now one of them. I’m just googling ‘social media intern’ or ‘summer internship’ and I can’t find something right for me.

Then, I worry that maybe I have found the right ones but I won’t be able to fulfil the jobΒ requirements for these internships, so I start to slowly back away from them. It’s something about job adverts that seem intimidating to me. I feel like I don’t match their criteria or I’m just too scared that they’ll expect me to have 10 years worth of experience in Media. I mean, I’m willing to learn and get trained, but I fear that I won’t get that kind of treatment – simply because they probably expect me to have years worth of experience etc.

Of course, everyone would love to have their summer, there’s no lie about that. But I would rather spend my summer working and learning something, so I have the experience and so I know what kind of career I want in future. I forget that there’s like millions of other students, who are in the same position as me, competing to get a job all the time.

But this doesn’t stop me from trying to find a summer placement! I really want to get somewhere in life, like everyone else. So rather than complaining (well, I can complain a little),Β I’m going to keep trying. I’m going to make this year more about trying rather than dwelling on my ‘attempts’.


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