What do I even want to do in life?

Whenever I try to job hunt for an internship, volunteer work or whatever. Sometimes I come to the conclusion that I don’t really want to be doing these jobs. Then it makes me wonder whether I’ve chosen the wrong degree or maybe these jobs aren’t what I want to do. But once I start to come to my senses again, I realise that I do enjoy my degree (as tedious as it is). But if I had to really point my finger on what I’d wanna do in life, I’m sure it’d be something to do with food. Whether that’s making food, producing a foodie Instagram, food blogger or reviewer? Just something to do with food.

Then I started to realise that I could do something around food and social media at the same time! So, really I’m just panicking myself… which needs to stop because I’m sure I’ll find a job that may or may not be right for me, but it’s experience that I need. Maybe in another life, I could be my own cake baker or something cool like that. Who knows, maybe in my current life, I could even open up my shop like ‘Lola’s cupcakes’ and be like them!

I can always dream and I can always try! But I’m pretty sure that one day, I’d like to work for Buzzfeed on their Tasty Facebook food channel.

Speak again soon,




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