I published a post on BuzzFeed!

I was really in the spirit to start gaining more experience in the world of blogging, which is why I have this WordPress account. But nonetheless, I was still trying to explore my options with blogging, so I did some research and I found several websites that permitted people to publish on their sites (obviously they do get moderated). So, here is my first Buzzfeed post! My Community Buzzfeed post is about Bob’s Burgers, more specifically, Linda Belcher, who is the heart and soul of the show, literally the soul.

I’m a huge fan of watching Bob’s Burgers, it’s a great cartoon – I prefer it a lot more than Family Guy or The Simpsons.Bob’s Burgers has my kind of humour, it’s not too obscure but not too dull. Plus I really relate to Tina Belcher, the daughter of Bob and Linda Belcher. I love it when a show has a relatable character, it just makes me want to continue to watch on. I recommend anyone to go watch Bob’s Burgers, it’s a fantastic show with great writers and voice actors.

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