I won’t give up

I wouldn’t mind having more than 24 hours in a day. Now that this year has kicked off and I’ve decided to create so many goals for myself, I feel that there isn’t enough time to fit it all in one day. Unless I just don’t sleep anymore but that isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

I’ve decided this year (for now) that I’m going to start working out more since I bought (on impulse) the pilates fitness programme: PIIT28 by Blogilates. It was 30% off and I thought “that’s a bargain”, so I bought it and it said if I work out 28 days for 28 minutes, all the fat will just melt right off. I haven’t even started working out yet because I don’t have the time. I’m going to make sure that I start working out when I get back to uni and I’ll have to start managing my time better when it comes to anything and everything!

I’ve also decided to start pushing myself into doing things that I was afraid of doing last year, e.g finding a job, finding an internship and volunteering. I’m still on the look out for jobs just so I can earn some money alongside my studies (and I won’t have to feel bad for my parents always paying for everything at uni). I’m literally pushing myself into doing things because I can’t keep complaining to myself that nothing is happening for me. That’s because I’m not letting anything happen to me because I know that I’m holding myself back and I’m too scared to see what potential I have. Well not this year, I’m going to give 2017 all or nothing. 

I landed myself in a blogging volunteering role and I actually have set topics to blog about – which means I spend some days opening 10+ tabs just to research articles to use for my blog posts. So I have those ‘hard facts‘ on my blog and it shows that I’ve done my research. Like the worried person that I am, I obviously panicked when the ‘boss’ didn’t like my first draft because I had quite a few errors in my first draft. So, I panicked and thought “I’m going to give up” but if it wasn’t for Hayden’s pep talk, I would have left by now. I’m still currently working with this company (for experience and to help them out) and my second draft seemed much better and it felt like a proper, researched article. There are still a couple of errors but not as many as before – phew!

I guess you could say that this year is all about not giving up. Life can be a scary place but we still make those risky decisions in order to progress. Progression is key and progression builds character. I need to promise myself to take new chances and not give up! After all, I’m doing all of this work just so I can be happy and proud of myself. This is literally all for self-betterment and knowing that I can do a good job in helping others out.

Speak again soon,




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