Back at uni means times are tough and sleep is never enough

Don’t worry I’ve not disappeared! I’ve just been quite busy… lounging around all day and doing housework. But now I’m back at University, I arrived back in Wolverhampton yesterday (Monday 23rd January) and I start lectures again on Wednesday.

It’s all starting to hit me that I’m starting a new semester and I’m going back to school, basically. I don’tΒ hate University – I think it’s because of the month-long Christmas holiday that I just had and I just grew accustomed to being work and stress-free. However, I’m ready to finish this semester in order to continue onto my second year of studies!

Now that I’m back at uni and living on my own again (without my parents), I ‘started’ working out again for five minutes and after those five minutes – I felt like I was going to pass out. To be fair, I didn’tΒ eat anything so of course, I was going to pass out. I just laid on the floor, breathing heavily while trying to regain some consciousness.

I also planned to start eating healthier… I mean I will later tonight! I’m planning on making chicken with broccoli – quite basic but it’s good enough for me. But right now, I have some fish fingers and chips in the oven, waiting to be devoured.

I do have good news, in just 10 days, I’ll be reunited with Hayden – after a month without seeing each other and only video chatting to each other like once. I can finally get to see him again, even if it’s just for the weekend – it’s better than nothing!

I’m also going to try my best and start a ‘blogging challenge’ in February!

Speak again soon,




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