What have I been up to?

Hi again! Apologies for not blogging (at all), I’ve been so busy with university and getting used to that routine again! I think I’ve settled in pretty well for my second semester, I’m engaging with my lectures and trying really hard not to fall asleep.

I’ve also tried applying for part-time work for myself so I can support myself too! I suppose this is what growing up is, even though we all try to avoid ‘growing up’ and ‘being an adult’. I always tend to realise how difficult it is to find part-time work because it’s not just me looking for it – I’m competing with like thousands of other people who are also in the same situation as me. Plus with being a university student and all, I’m pretty sure employers are seeking flexible candidates, whereas I’m only ever available after my lectures have finished.

Speaking of lectures, they’re sort of interesting. I guess that’s because I’ve only attended less than a handful of lectures and they’re still slowly easing us into each module. I do have one module that I loathe – it’s called “Media, Politics and Power”, I’ve never been a big fan of politics, I tend to shy away from that, even though I probably should focus on what’s going on in the world because it will eventually affect me. But… I’m also not the type of person to be vocal about my own opinions, just in case I provoke anyone or “I’m wrong”. But all of the lectures I’ve had so far seem okay, I’ve looked at the assignments that I’ve been set and it’s safe to say: I may or may not struggle with this second semester!

On the good news, I passed my first semester of uni – which means I don’t have to re-sit any of those (awful) modules. I managed to achieve a 2:1 overall, which is equivalent to a B grade! Now, this is a big deal to me – I’ve never been one to achieve anything higher than a C grade, and I thought that uni was going to be so much harder and passing would be out of my reach. But I proved myself wrong. I managed to get that 2:1 grade for the first semester and if I can keep that up, I can achieve a 2:1 as my overall grade for my first year of studies!

I’ve also been busy seeing Hayden too! He visited me on 3rd February and we spent the weekend together, mainly eating and watching ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway’ episodes on YouTube. It was great, I mean even though we don’t have a lot of time to spend together, it always seems to make us both happy because we don’t need to use so much money, in order to have fun together! Plus we watched the Divergent trilogy and I thought the first two films were okay but honestly, they could have just finished it on the second movie.

I also travelled back home today to East Anglia, my university has a “career development week” which is a non-teaching week and it allows other students to improve their employability skills. My lectures see’s it as a whole load of crap because they would rather be teaching us in that week, it’s essentially like a half term for university students. It’s so good to be home! My train was at 08:45 AM, so I left my house half an hour early in order to make it there in time, but because it was snowing today, I had to walk slower than usual to avoid slipping! I arrived at the train station with only two minutes to spare – I literally power walked most of the way to the train station once I realised my train was about to leave in under five minutes! And then when I arrived at the next station, I went to the wrong platform and had to rush to the correct one, but luckily the correct platform was only on the opposite side! I think I had luck by my side today because if I hadn’t, I would have definitely missed my train home! And to top it all off, my connected train journey home was delayed for a good 30-60 minutes and it was cold in the carriage and we were practically in the middle of nowhere. But I’m home now and my family are glad that I’m here!

I leave East Anglia on 21st February because I start my lectures again on 22nd February. Then 2 days later, I will be travelling to Bath to visit Hayden, where I get to spend 4 days with him and I get to spend his birthday with him too! I also forgot to mention, on 10th February it was my 7 year anniversary with Hayden! We didn’t get to spend it together, unfortunately, and because of that, it just felt like a regular day. But nonetheless, we video chatted each other via Whatsapp and I couldn’t be any happier.

I am going to try my hardest to start working out at the start of March, March 1st! Because of university, lack of sleep, lack of motivation and the flu, it has sadly set me back and I couldn’t find the time to work out. But I keep coming across so many motivational Instagram posts from fellow Piitsers and other people who have had amazing transformations and I can see myself uploading my own transformation photograph!

But now that I’m home, I’m just going to relax in my own comfy bed, start on my assignment (which is due on March 1st) and try to see my friends who have also come home from uni! And of course, spend time with my family whilst I am here.

I hope you’re all well!

Speak again soon,




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