Happy (Tuesday) Valentine’s Day!

I hope you’re all having a wonderful Valentine’s day, but to those who don’t celebrate this holiday then I hope you’re having a wonderful Tuesday! I haven’t spent today like ‘you should’ since Hayden and I aren’t spending Valentine’s Day together (in person), nor did we spend our 7 year anniversary together either (well, we did through Skype). So, today I thought I’d blog about today and what Valentine’s day means to me.

What does Valentine’s Day mean to me?

First off, I used to always think Valentine’s Day was a very important day to celebrate love and spoil my boyfriend. However, over time I realised that it shouldn’t be the case. Since Valentine’s Day is a very commercialised holiday in our culture, we’re led to believe that we have to dedicate this one day to spoil our loved ones and show them how much they mean to us — sure that’s a really nice thought and all but what if not all of us could afford to spoil our boyfriend or girlfriends?

This year I decided that my boyfriend and I won’t be getting gifts for our 7 year anniversary or Valentine’s, simply because I couldn’t afford it and I was genuinely running out of ideas of what to buy for Hayden (since he deserves the world and I can only afford a chocolate bar). So, we just sent each other cards because I see them as more commemorating, and I’ve realised I’m just happy knowing that I don’t need to spoil someone in order for them to love me. Nor do I want to be spoiled by Hayden because he makes me happy enough as it is.

Income the bitterness

Now, this is going to sound a tad bitter, for anyone out there that agrees with me that Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be the only holiday that we dedicate our love to our partners. In fact, we should dedicate (or spoil) our loved ones every day, and I don’t mean spoil them with gifts all the time; even just a daily reminder telling them that you love them or write them a paragraph of how much you love them, or send them small gifts every now and then. Obviously, this depends on your other half and whether they really value the concept of Valentine’s Day and would rather spend it as it ‘conventionally’ should be spent, as a romantic day together.

To any guys reading this post, on behalf of a majority of girls, I’d like to say that you don’t have to go all out on us to make us happy. Surprisingly enough, girls would be happy if you just gifted them a box of 20 chicken nuggets from Mcdonalds or a bunch of flowers. (Again, this depends on whether your girlfriend’s the type of person to accept small gifts or they would rather you spend £££ on them). Personally, I would be happy to receive a box of chicken nuggets from Hayden because I love food.

Note: I am actually very happy for the couples who are celebrating today together and to the people who haven’t found their special someone but they’re still treating themselves, nonetheless.

I guess that’s my rant over? Lemme know what you think of Valentine’s Day. Or tell me how you’ve spent your Valentine’s Day!

Also if any of you are students, I’ve recently created a Campus Society Channel. It’s called “UNI & MY LDR” if you want to check it out!

Speak again soon,





2 thoughts on “Happy (Tuesday) Valentine’s Day!

  1. You are correct. Valentine’s day is a very materialistic day. Couple spends a lot to make other happy. But they don’t understand that love is not about money, it’s about feelings for each other. Giving them gifts will not indicate our love for them but little things means a lot.


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