Professional Procrastinator

I’m normally okay when it comes to writing essays for my assignments but I’m currently really struggling with my  Popular Culture module. The assignment was set at the end of last month and is due on 1st March, even though it was originally due on 23rd February.I mean my lecturer has given me enough time to write my essay but, at the same time I’ve only had about 3 lectures in my current module, and I still don’t think I’ve really grasped an ultimate understanding of my module to help me write my essay?

Even with the extended deadline, I still have to hand in my assignment sometime next week because, on the 24th February (next Friday), I’m visiting Hayden in Bath for 4 days. The assignment is only 1,000 words but it feels like it’s taking me longer than usual to complete it. Currently, I’ve managed to write over 600 words but that number may fluctuate, depending on how happy I am with my final draft.

I only started this assignment this Monday (and I know that sounds quite bad) but I’ve had to gather all my resources last week from the library, in order to help me write up my essay while I’m home. I’ve got more than enough references to use in my essay (I think), but even with the references, I still don’t think I’m achieving a thorough understanding of what Popular Culture is? I’ve tried googling it, and I avoided looking at any Wikipedia definitions just because it’s not deemed as “academic”.

The title of my essay is to critically explore the distinction between mass culture and popular culture – maybe at first glance, it doesn’t seem all that difficult but, because I’m trying really hard to get my head around this concept, it’s making me almost go insane.

I’ve had endless tabs opened on Google trying to understand what these cultures are, so far, I think I kind of know what it means… but whenever I’m struggling, I just give up (like what I’m doing right now) and I procrastinate until I finally have enough courage to attempt my essay again. I’m hoping to finish my essay at least some point this week so I can relax after because I do deserve to relax!

Anyway, I guess it’s time to get back to work 😦

Speak again soon,





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