Juggling life

I said to myself at the beginning of this year that I would try my best to keep focused on things like my blog, university, social life etc. I mean, all of it is (kind of) going to plan but not merely as much as I wanted it to. I still like blogging, even though I don’t find the time to do it. I enjoy typing out a blog post and writing about anything that comes to mind.

Everything is going well for me right now, I’m trying to work out more, which I managed to do during the start of this month. I’m currently aching from those workouts but it makes me feel good mentally and physically.

I’m still currently busy working on my assignments and writing them to the best of my ability. I’m also still on the hunt for jobs in order to support myself, because quite frankly, uni has made me realise that money DOES NOT grow up trees. I’m not saying that I’m a big spender as such, but I do like my food. So, I’ve managed to cut down on spending and I’ve turned to rationing aka eating food that’s in my fridge/cupboard. You’d be surprised what kind of meals you can make with the food you have in your cupboard already!  

If I had, to be honest with how I’m feeling right now, I’m exhausted. I’m usually fine with juggling all sorts of things, like work and social life. But recently all I’ve been doing is juggling work; I don’t have much of a social life, in terms of going out. I guess my main aim is to get my assignments out of the way so I can actually relax and focus on my social life. 

I also got to visit Hayden during the end of February. That’s probably the last time I visit Bath until September.I can’t lie and say that I don’t miss him, even though I saw him a few days ago. But to those who know what it’s like to be in a long distance relationship are fully aware of what it feels like when you say goodbye to your other half and having to wait X amount of days to see each other again.

I don’t like to complain about my problems too much, simply because there are much worse situations than my own. But if someone asked me what being in a LDR is like, truthfully, I would tell them that it sucks. I wouldn’t advise them to stay away from a long distant relationship but I would tell them that it sucks because, you have to be fully committed to this kind of relationship, which means not seeing them or hearing their voice every day. You have to be patient with your partner with their replies, and their horrendous internet connection when you try to Skype them. And more importantly, you have to trust each other. Communication, trust and effort are all it takes to keep any relationship going, but if you’re doing it long distant then you’re going to have to really rely on those traits.

Of course, there are advantages of a LDR, by advantages, I mean being able to see your partner after waiting X amount of days to see them. Sure, you’d only be able to be with them for either a few days or even a few months, but that’s what makes this whole thing worth it. It’s like your patience rewards you.

Even though I, myself am in a LDR, the amount of times where I find myself feeling sad – I have to remind myself that I will see Hayden again. I just have to wait. So you could say that I’m a pretty patient person or I’m a needy person who craves the company of their other half, but nonetheless, I’m still in my LDR because I want ‘that feeling’ of seeing Hayden again.

‘Rant’ over, haha.

Speak again soon,






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