The Succulent Chocolate Cake in Matilda

Anyone who has ever watched the film Matilda knows about that cake. That specific chocolate cake that Bruce Bogtrotter was forced to eat. I love chocolate cakes but that cake was to die for! Luckily, I did some searching around on the internet and came across a recipe that looked so good, I had to try it!

This is what the cake looks like after putting my blood, sweat and tears in it. I managed to make a 4 layer cake out of the recipe when the recipe stated 3 layers!

Now, to anyone who is thinking of attempting of making this cake, I suggest you half the amount of ingredients as stated in the recipe because you’ll make A LOT of batter. Of course, if you’re craving a chocolate cake that I don’t think the size of the cake will matter! Also, do butter and flour your cake pans or else it’ll be a job to get your cake out!

For the icing to cover the cake, I used Betty Crocker’s Chocolate Fudge Icing because it had that darker chocolatey colour which I wanted to achieve. I did follow the instructions of creating the chocolate cream cheese buttercream to lather in between the layers of the cake.

Nonetheless, the cake turned out as a success.The sponge has a fluffy yet dense texture, the buttercream compliments the cake nicely and the chocolate icing covering the cake just makes it look mouth-watering.



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